welcome to the xenogender carrd!

please do not harrass any of the following people mentioned. this carrd is not to incite harrassment but rather to spread understanding of the xenogender community. if we arent doing any harm, then please do not attack us. thank you so much, now let's carry on

what's a xenogender?
a xenogender is a gender identity outside of the binary (also known as neogenders), usually made by a neurodivergent person (somebody with adhd/autism). neurodivergent people interpret life and society differently. due to this, they also interpret social constructs such as gender differently. a neurodivergent person may struggle trying to find a term that fits for their gender so they take something of comfort and make a gender identitiy tied to it! hence a xenogender! most xenogenders are based on objects such as mindsets, plants, animals and other things people may find comfort in!

can xenogenders only be used by neurodivergent people?
not quite! while xenogenders are usually made by neurodivergent people that use them to fit themselves in a gender outside of the binary that they feel comfortable with, neurodivergent people arent the only ones that may feel as if they find comfort in a gender outside of the binary that is tied to something that comforts them! some xenogenders can only be used by non binary people though!

is hating on xenogenders ableist?
yes. xenogenders are mostly made for neurodivergent people to interpret the world around them, so to say that they're wrong or stupid is to say that the way neurodivergent people perceive the world is wrong or stupid.

neurodivergent people are not wrong or stupid, they are just different. if you can't accept that, you're ableist.

how is gender a social construct?
gender is different in different societies. every society has constructed the idea of gender differently. for example, the native american two spirit gender isnt present in any other society. societies perceive and present gender in different ways, and these ways may make neurodivergent people feel like there is no way to properly identify themselves

do you understand?

if you still dont understand, contact me on twitter i'm @wormhaze!

desertgender/dunegender (created by @gr33dling)
a xenogender that has ties to the desert and the harsh dryness and warmth of it. it's for neurodivergent people that feel connected to nature and earth, are secretice and mysterious while also feeling a sense of vast endlessness in their identity.

undeadgender (created by @buggiebutch)
a xenogender that is an umbrella term for all genders relating to undeadness such as genders such as Spectergender, Zombiegender, Vampirigender, etc! Undeadgender is intended primarily to be used by neurodivergents, including those who may have delusions about being undead/dead. However, those who are not may use it. Someone who is Undeadgender may experience dull, dark, or groggy feelings of gender, as well as memories of a past gender from when they were alive. It can also simply be a gender that relates to all things undead and dead.

catgender (created by @bunsolvd)
a xenogender that is also an umbrella term for other cat related genders! such as Meowgender, Nyagender, Kitten/kittygender, etc! its an identity for autistic people and those that may experience delusions where they feel like a cat or those who experience species regression! while it is open for everyone to use, its preffered neurodivergent individuals use it as it was made for them, by them.

beegender (created by @hugepolecat3298)
mainly influenced by bees and honeybees! has ties to repitition and repeating noises and not being able to quite pinpoint your gender. also honeybees arent male or female they all have jobs but scientists categorize them into genders which can be relatable for a lot of nonbinary people!

emogender (created by @stonerkomaeda)
"emogender is for anyone who feels like being emo is a deeper part of them or they really resonate with the certain parts/ the whole idea altogether!"

"bungender is for people who feel like their gender is soft and small, or even anxious.

robogender (created by @stonerkomaeda)
for ppl who feel a bit robotic and take comfort in it ! (for neurodivergent people only!)

trendergender (created by @beanieworm)
"Trendergender is a type of neogender where your gender is a reclaimed version of the term "Transtrender"

The people who this term is used on are people who people assume are faking being trans for attention. It's associated with GNC trans people, non dysphoric trans people, neogender etc people, people who use neopronouns and a lot more.

Trendergender 'reclaims' this term (though it kind of already has been). People who are trendergender must be trans/nonbinary. Fuck Cis Bootlickers."

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